Yoga Classroom Rules

  1. Please consult your physician before commencing yoga practice. Please let the teacher know about any injuries or health issues you might have prior to the beginning of the class.
  2. Please arrive to the studio 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the class. If you are late, you will be denied participation.
  3. It is compulsory to register for the yoga class before entering the classroom.
  4. You can leave the class only after the end of the relaxation.
  5. Hot Yoga classes are conducted in a room heated to 36 C. Please dress accordingly.
  6. Due to safety and hygienic reasons covering your mat with a large towel or a yoga rug is compulsory. If you don’t have one, please rent at the reception.
  7. If you have sweated on your mat, please clean it and wipe it dry after the yoga class and hang it on the yoga rack in a dry state.
  8. Please bring a bottle of water for the Hot Yoga classes to rehydrate during class.
  9. Please lock your valuables in the lockers in the changing room and bring the key to the classroom with you.
  10. Please leave the keys in the locker doors after use, don’t take them home.
  11. Don’t bring anything to the classroom except your key, towel and water.
  12. Don’t bring to the classroom your shoes, slippers, cellphone, wallet, bag, glasses of water etc.
  13. Please use only sealable bottles for drinking in the classroom.
  14. Please refrain from talking while in the classroom.
  15. Only the yoga teacher is entitled to operate the heaters, humidifiers etc.
  16. Please don’t cover or place anything in front of the heaters, as they may get damaged.
  17. Everyone in the yoga class must follow the teacher’s instructions, and refrain from disturbing behavior and speech. Otherwise the teacher may ask you to leave.
  18. Please be careful to avoid accidents to yourself or others. Everyone is taking part in the yoga classes at their own risk. If you wouldn’t like to receive adjustments in a pose, please indicate this to the teacher.
  19. We collect all the lost items in a box in the changing rooms and keep them till the end of the month, after which they are disposed of.
  20. The class passes cannot be prolonged, please plan to use them before the expiry date.
  21. Please take your class passes with you, and register with it at your arrival before entering the changing room.