Hétköznap: 09:00 - 20:00 Szombat: 09:00 - 18:00 Vasárnap: Zárva



For beginners:

In this class you get to practice the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga upto the boat pose, omitting the more demanding hip-openers and arm balances in the second part of the series, and switching to the Bridge and the finishing sequence. This 90 minutes class will reward you with rapid success if you are a beginner in Ashtanga, and lays a good foundation for practicing the whole Primary Series in a lead or Mysore style class.

(90min, beginner)

Instructors: GaurangaDiaSz. Andi and Anita.

For intermediate level:

This class is identical to the Hot Ashtanga class, but in room temperature. It is not necessary to know the sequence, as this is a lead class, and the participants will be given all help to facilitate the proper practice of the postures. It is recommended for those who are interested to try Ashtanga, and for those who have already completed the Ashtanga Beginners Course, and want to practice regularly.

(120min, intermediate)

Instructors: AngiSz. Andi  and Panni.