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6 in 1 TTC YAI certificate - Sep 2016

200 hours yoga teacher training course certified by Yoga Alliance International. 6 weekends, with the most experiencet yoga instructors of Atma Center. 40% theorie 60% practice.

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6 in 1 TTC YAI certificate - Sep 2016

ASHTANGA beginners course 17-18, 24-25 SEPTEMBER lead by our most popular teacher, Gauranga Das. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a traditional, yet dynamic yoga system originating from the Indian Yoga Master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. You will learn the basics of this system during our course.

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One of the earliest yoga studios in Budapest welcomes all guests with a variety of classes, professionally trained instructors in two locations. Our instructors will guide you considering your own capabilities and health conditions. You are sure to find a class to your liking from beginners to advanced level, in a hot or regular temperature room.

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Current Events

Extreme Yoga Classes? Guest teachers? Yoga Workshops? Yoga Retreats? Yoga Travels? Check out our regularly updated programs here:

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Class Schedule

Please register for the afternoon and evening classes on phone 1 hour before the class begins (see phone numbers…




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Gyere velünk jógázni az Atma Centerbe!

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Agni jóga az Atmacenterben

Agni yoga (hot)

If you want to get slim, strong, flexible, youthful, or just feel good in your skin, Agni-yoga is for you! Agni-yoga series…

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For beginners:

In this class you get to practice the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga upto the boat pose, omitting the more demanding…

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Hot Ashtanga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a traditional and dynamic style of yoga, in which postures are held for a duration of five breaths,…

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Ashtanga practice

The Sunday morning free Ashtanga practice is similar to a Mysore class, as everyone is practicing in their own rhythm, therefore it…

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atmacenter gauranga das

Gauranga Das

Agni yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Hot Vinyasa yoga and Detox yoga
Atmacenter jógaoktató Herczeg Angelika

Herczeg Angelika

Agni yoga, Hip-opening yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga yoga
Atmacenter jógaoktató Horváth Anikó

Horváth Anikó

Agni yoga, Yoga Therapy and Hip- and Shoulder-opening yoga

Rubi Anna

Ashtanga yoga
Atmacenter jógaoktató Szűcs Orsolya

Szücs Orsolya

Mom-Baby Agni yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Backbending yoga and Jin yoga
Atmacenter jógaoktató Horváth Diána

Horváth Diána

Dynamic Flow yoga
Atmacenter jógaoktató Nagy Angéla

Nagy Angéla

Agni yoga and Hip-opening yoga
Atmacenter jógaoktató Pákh Anna

Pákh Anna

Agni yoga, Hip-opening yoga and Ashtanga yoga
Atmacenter jógaoktató Szabó Andrea

Szabó Andrea

Agni yoga and Ashtanga yoga
Atmacenter jógaoktató

Székely Noémi

Agni yoga and Ashtanga yoga